First, take a look at these frequently asked questions then apply to help us get to know you!

Are you accepting new clients?

Yes, we are accepting new clients. Read through this page to see if we’re a potential fit. :)

How can I expect us to work together?


to be top of mind when fitting campaigns come through our doors. 

to be top of mind with our agency and brand contacts. 

us to manage all of your brand partnerships (incoming and outgoing opportunities), plus the full campaign cycle from start to finish. 

top level negotiation on your brand deals. 

us to share our honest feedback when it comes to landing your dream partnerships. 

to have fun, brainstorm sessions together. We are creative + marketing minds. We’ll support your product launches and all of your influencer biz dealings. Basically, we’re here to support you in all of the things - we’re here to help you continuously earn more and reach new heights in your career.  


you to treat your career strategically and professionally. 

you to respond to our messages and emails in a timely manner, or at least communicate when life gets too busy.
you do your best to meet your deadlines. We want you to continue learning and growing in your career and meeting deadlines is important for long-term brand relationships (we’re here for the tough times, too!). 

you to be patient with your biz and brand partnerships (we can’t wave a magic wand and give you everything you want).

you to be able to handle a “no” or “maybe later” from your favorite brands.  

you to be on time to meetings and events. 

you to hustle (we promise to, too) and continuously level up your content game.

Will you reach out to brands for me?

This is a relationship business.

We are big networkers and we focus on maintaining strong relationships with our top partners.

In addition to this, we incorporate many brand outreach strategies to present you to brands and agencies.

We are proactively building relationships with brands and agencies, and keeping track of brands who are actively working with influencers and who could be a great fit with our clients.

In addition to this, we like to incorporate creative strategy with outreach. We find that the most successful partnerships are when our client outlines a concept for how they plan to integrate the brand's product into their content and why they want to work with the brand.

How would our contract work?

We are proud to offer a competitive rate for our management fee, Our management fee ranges from 10% to 20%, and the fee depends on our level of service. Our contract starts with a three month trial period to test it out. After the trial period, we offer different contract length options, which we assess on a case-by-case basis.

We currently offer two different tiers of influencer management:

Tier 1
  • Influencer Management & Traditional Entertainment Management
  • Brand Partnership Management
  • Brand Outreach & Proactive Pitching
  • Inbound Management
  • Brand Relationship Management
  • Merchandising and Product Development Support

Tier 2
*Includes all of the services in Tier 1, plus the following additional services:
  • Brand Partnership Positioning & Strategy
  • Personal Brand Development & Strategy
  • Resources and Support to Scale Your Business
  • Creative Ideation Support
  • Content Strategy
  • In-Person Support at Brand Activations
*We have an extensive vetting process for influencers who are accepted into Tier 2.

Will most of my opportunities come from you?

This is dependent on the relationships that you have built so far, your resume of brand partnerships, and how our partners respond to you as a new client.

It's important that we work with client's who understand how the inner workings of the industry and casting process works.

One of our outreach strategies is consistent cold outreach to brands. We reach out to hundreds of new contacts every month. From there, brands typically save the contact information listed on your social media pages, as this is the most reliable form of communication in newly-formed brand relationships.

The good news is our consistent outreach to brands will increase the number of opportunities that hit your inbound inbox. We thrive in the sales part of our job and we do our part when it comes to brand outreach ;)

If you pitch me to a brand, when can I expect feedback? What happens if we don’t hear back from the brands we pitch to?

We do our due diligence to follow up regularly on brand opportunities. However, we do want to mention that this is a hugely competitive industry. And we want to support you in having the right mindset for business growth. This industry, your business - it’s a numbers game. The right brand partnerships will come our way over time. 

How do I know if I’m a good fit for NYLA influencers? 

Before applying to be a part of NYLA, please take a look at our minimum qualifications:

What are you earning from your influencer biz? Are you consistently earning $5K+ months?

Do you receive (on average) 2 legitimate opportunities every month?

How many speaking engagement opportunities do you receive per month?

Are your social media pages growing? Is your business growing?

Does my business have a solid foundation to bring on a manager?


If you are ...

currently earning consistent $5K months in your influencer biz and are looking for a manager to support the growth of your business, then complete the form below and we’ll be in touch to schedule a call. 

Not quite there yet?

Don’t give up. No one ever reached their dreams by quitting. Take some time and keep growing. I will be here when you’re ready.

Now that you’ve read our FAQ’s ...

if you think we might be a good fit, fill out my influencer application so we can get to know you and your vision. 

Thank You!

If there's a potential fit to work together, we'll connect with you soon.

What They're



“Briana of NYLA Influencers is very good at what she does. She has brought me so many opportunities ever since I first started working with her.”


“One of the biggest things that NYLA Influencers does is negotiate on my behalf, which is probably my favorite part, because I have already seen the financial benefit of having Briana as a manager. Just having someone there to negotiate and really up the value and push for what she believes I’m worth and what we are worth as a team is important and appreciated.”


“Briana has booked over a million dollars in brand deals with her clients. And when I say, you all need to call Briana “Big Boss, Briana” at this point, because I have seen her in her negotiation phase."


“Briana is somebody who knows the business and she can represent me and negotiate my rate … The brand may be offering X amount of dollars for the sponsorship. And she’ll come back and say ‘actually I believe my client deserves XX amount of dollars,’ and a lot of times the brands will agree to it. So that’s been really great to have someone represent me and get me a fair rate for my work.”


“Briana has negotiated brand deals that have increased our income from sponsored brand deals by at least 30%, probably more. She has helped us work with some of the largest brands out there.”


NYLA Influencers is an influencer management company for vision-oriented, strategic, and collaborative creators who are at the point where their business is rapidly growing and they want the industry pros to support their work.

Through our 1:1 services, we make things happen by taking action on thoughts and ideas, collaborate to create greater ideas, and energize our clients with our visions of what could be, which helps them scale their brand and land their dream partnerships. 

Because we worked on the brand side of the business for a handful of years and saw creators being undervalued for their work and struggling to stay relevant in this competitive industry, we believe in helping creators reach new heights in their influencer business through more team support, negotiating for what they’re worth, and implementing personal branding and brand partnership strategies that work.

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